KARD’s BM Reveals Which Male Idol Has An Eye-Catching Booty

It looks like there might be a “Big Booty Gang” next 😂

While KARD‘s BM is known as a hilarious personality from his funny moments with his members and his live broadcasts that leave fans cracking up, there’s another thing that comes to mind at the mention of his name.

There’s no BM without the Big Tiddie Gang, a title he’d given to male idols who have huge, ripped pecs: NU’EST‘s BaekhoSEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, and PENTAGON‘s Hongseok.

Along with its catchphrase, “Save a tiddie, join the committee,” it became so widespread that he’s using the movement to fund breast cancer research and awareness. Now, there’s another body part that’s come to his attention: a firm booty.

During one of BM’s latest live broadcasts, he somehow ended up talking about which male idol has a good, firm booty. When he took a look at the comments that fans were writing, there was one idol that he had to put the spotlight on.

It turned out to be a member of SEVENTEEN. If you’ve been following the group, there’s one member who stands out the most. BM stated, “Seungkwan‘s got the booty for sure.” There was a reason why.

Seungkwan’s booty was so eye-catching because of the strength of his body. BM explained his legs were a force to be reckoned with, “He has strong legs.”

If you’ve caught a glimpse of Seungkwan’s backside, there’s no debate on its plump shape. BM isn’t the only one who agrees.

During an event, Vernon had to name the part of Seungkwan he liked most. As he said, “My favorite part of Seungkwan is,” he turned Seungkwan around and gave him a hefty slap on the booty.

With the Big Tiddie Gang under his belt, BM’s next funny moment may be the Big Booty Gang. Finding out his picks for firm butts sounds like something fans wouldn’t mind at all.

Have a laugh while listening to BM mention how eye-catching Seungkwan’s booty is.

Source: YouTube