KARD’s BM Reacts To Christian Parody Of “ICKY”

“I just knew I was gonna find BM in these comments…”

KARD made their comeback in May with the song “ICKY” off their sixth mini album of the same name.

“ICKY” went viral due to its sexual meaning, filled with innuendo lyrics. Even KARD member BM responded to the attention…

Now, BM has responded to another fan…

Christian TikToker Richard (@richwithpassion) occasionally posts parodies of popular K-Pop songs. Recently, he released a Christian version of (G)I-DLE‘s “Queencard” called “Clean Heart.”


Another one ♥️ Psalm 51:10-12. God turns the heart of stone to a heart of flesh. jesus QueencardChallenge 미연 민니 소연 👑 여자아이들 GIDLE 퀸카 Queencard 퀸카챌린지 I_feel MIYEON MINNIE SOYEON yuqi shuhua fyp kpop kpopdance kpopcover god christ christiantiktok

♬ original sound – Richard

He also made a new version of KARD’s “ICKY” titled “He’s With Me.” So, the chorus was changed to “The devil is icky, icky, icky, aye, aye, aye. Jesus is with me…”


Icky by KARD but for Jesus. ✝️ Lyrics by Richard (🙋🏾‍♂️ Me) #kard #kpop #somin #bm #jseph #jiwoo #jesus #dance #dancecover #kpopcover #kpopcoverdance #christiantiktok #fyp #christ

♬ original sound – Richard

The video went viral with 206.2K views and 39.1K likes at the time of writing. Whether Richard meant for the video to be humorous or not, it struck many funny, including fellow Christian K-Pop fans.

| @richwithpassion/TikTok

The now-viral video even reached a KARD member, BM himself. He commented, “THE DEVIL IS ICKY.”


Listen Jesus uses everything. 🤪If you dont know Jesus shed his blood so that we can have everlasting life with him and Fathered God. Your life has purpose and you have superpowers through the Holy Spirit 😁🙌🏾✝️ #greenscreen #kpop #icky #kard #bm #jesus #fyp

♬ original sound – Richard

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