KARD’s BM Reveals Common Misconceptions People Have About Being A K-Pop Idol

Not everything is what it seems!

On the latest DIVE Studios‘ GET REAL episode, KARD‘s BMLadies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi, and soloist AleXa discussed their thoughts on fame as a K-Pop idol!

One of the topics they looked at was the common and annoying assumptions people make about their lifestyles as entertainers! BM started by saying that people have many misconceptions about what it was like to be an idol.

People think I’m dumb rich, all of my friends think I’m dumb rich, but I’m not dumb rich!


He then added that, even as idols, they sometimes had misconceptions about their lifestyle.

When you’re younger, you glamorize it, and it all looks awesome to you. That can be some of the harder stuff that you have to deal with. Getting your make-up done and getting your hair done on a busy schedule is hard!


Ashley mirrored this sentiment, adding that people sometimes think that idols are living the easy life. AleXa agreed that this is not the case and a lot more work goes into it.

People only see the finished product, and they rarely see the full process. There is so much that goes into it!

— AleXa

With all this work and jam-packed schedules, BM explained that they rarely have time for simple things like sleep or having something to eat.

Because of this, he added that idols have to be extremely flexible!

If you don’t have a flexible personality, you will get canceled like that.


As expected, a K-Pop idol’s life is a lot different from what people expect, and a lot of work goes into what fans see on the screen!

You can watch the whole clip below!

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