KARD’s Jiwoo Explained Why It’s So Hard For Co-Ed Groups To Have Comebacks

She reveals why comebacks are so difficult.

Back when KARD confirmed they were slated for a September 2019 comeback with their second digital single “Dumb Litty”, KARD fans brought back a past live stream where Jiwoo shared the reason why their comebacks are so far apart.

Many people commented that it was a while since the group promoted, with their “Bomb Bomb” comeback released five months prior. Fans of the group have resurfaced a past live stream member Jiwoo did that gave insight as to why co-ed groups have difficulties with a comeback.

She reveals that producers generally write songs for one-gender groups. This means that most producers will make songs that are specifically for girl groups or boy groups. If not, then they will create music for duets or soloists.

Since there aren’t many co-ed groups in K-Pop, producers typically don’t make music for mixed-gendered groups. Because of this, KARD usually has to request songs to be written for them.

KARD’s issue is that since songs aren’t readily available for co-ed groups, they can’t pick from available samples music or guides as other groups do. Fans believe this is why BM took thing into his own hands and produced their next track.

Many hope that more producers create music for co-ed groups, saying that it might help more groups like KARD debut.

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