KARD Somin and Jiwoo Had A Sexy Dance Battle

KARD’s Jiwoo and Somin showed off their sexy moves and blew the audience away during a recent performance on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook.

Both girls demonstrated how amazing they were at dancing as they moved effortlessly to the music.

First up was Somin, who displayed endless confidence as she moved perfectly to the beat of the song.

She absolutely nailed the body rolls!

Jiwoo was next, and although her dance style was different, she looked just as amazing as she broke out move after move.

This performance really showed how unique and talented the “Jokers” of KARD are!

The girls weren’t the only ones that showed their flawless moves, though.

BM and J.Seph certainly didn’t disappoint when it was their time to shine!

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