KCON Mexico announces March 17 & 18 date with 1st artist Monsta X

KCON has announced that they will be coming to Mexico this March, with the first artist already announced.

KCON Mexico will take place on March 17 and March 18 at the Mexico City Arena. It has been announced that the first artist to be included in the line-up is Monsta X, who performed at KCON LA in 2016.

The event will include programs that cover various aspects of Korean culture such as K-beauty, Korean Food, K-drama, as well as Korean film and much more. KCON will also include artist meet and greets to give the fans a chance to be face to face with their favorite idols.

Here’s what KCON had to say about their launch in Mexico:

“As interest in Hallyu continues to grow, particularly in the West, KCON’s expansion follows. It was only a matter of time before the festival came to Latin America, which has over the years been the home of a building passion for Korean culture.

Bringing the celebration to Mexico City is the next logical stop for KCON, and we are looking forward to connecting fans in Mexico unprecedented access to their K-pop idols and engagement with other young people from the region.”


KCON is the largest K-Pop Festival in the world and has branched off to several cities throughout the world. KCON was created by Koreaboo’s founders in 2012 after approaching CJ E&M and Mnet with the idea to create a festival and convention for K-Pop fans. It has now expanded into multiple cities such as Newark, Saitama, Abu Dhabi, and Paris and sees 100,000+ attendees yearly.

The convention gives fans the chance to see multiple K-Pop groups and indulge in Korean culture and is a must attend for all K-Pop fans.