Kehlani Might Be The Next Western Artist To Collaborate With BTS

A.R.M.Y.‘s may have sparked a potential collaboration between popular American singer, Kehlani, and BTS!

BTS fans have been outdoing themselves by helping BTS connect with international celebrities.

On March 22nd, BTS arrived in New York for their WINGS Tour concert and were interviewed by Billboard.

During the interview, the members were asked about their musical influences and who they were most inspired by. When asked about which female singers were their musical influences, Rap Monster replied with “Kehlani” to which enthusiastically agreed.

Rap Monster, along with other BTS members, has expressed their liking towards Kehlani’s music in the past. Just last month, Kehlani retweeted Rap Monster’s post that recommended her Sweet Sexy Savage album.

Ecstatic about Rap Monster’s answer, A.R.M.Y uploaded a clip of the segment and mentioned Kehlani in the post.

To everyone’s surprise, Kehlani liked and quoted the tweet.

“aye y’all tell BTS to holla at me!”

— Kehlani

In addition to that, Kehlani followed BTS’s Twitter account.

Everett John, who works at Billboard and was the one who interviewed BTS, responded to Kehlani by saying “will do”.

As the collaboration between Rap Monster and Wale was a success, fans are more than excited as they anticipate a potential future collaboration between Kehlani and BTS.

Watch the full video of Billboard’s Live interview with BTS below!


BTS is here for #BillboardLive

Posted by Billboard on Wednesday, March 22, 2017