Kep1er’s Hikaru Got Confused About How Many Members She Has But It’s Because Of A Very Understandable Reason

A totally understandable mistake.

Recently rookie group Kep1er filmed a video for KBS Kpop‘s YouTube series, “Idol Human Theater: K-DOL Docu Series.” KBS Kpop describes their series as a “Docucomedy of your favorite Idol’s life. No script but a lot of wit.”

Because of the format of the videos in the series, Kep1er pretty much had free reign to goof around with each other and make whatever funny comments they wanted.

Kep1er playing a version of “hide and seek” | @KBS Kpop/YouTube 

Whether that was Youngeun showing off how inflexible she is.

Kep1er’s Youngeun showing off her lack of flexibility | | @KBS Kpop/YouTube 

Chaehyun saying that she was worried she might die if she got hit by Yeseo‘s leg fell on her in a part-switch version of “Wa Da Da.”

Kep1er’s Chaehyun (right) | | @KBS Kpop/YouTube 

Or Hikaru stumbling over the fact that Kep1er has nine members.

But when her members teased her, asking her if she really didn’t know how many members they had, Hikaru had a perfectly understandable reason for being confused.

Kep1er’s Hikaru getting confused about how many members there are | @KBS Kpop/YouTube 

As the show Girls Planet 999 was comprised of talented contestants from Korea, Japan, and China, multiple of the members do not speak Korean as their first language.

And Hikaru, who is from Japan, understandably finds remembering the word “nine” in Korean slightly challenging.

Kep1er’s Hikaru (middle) | @KBS Kpop/YouTube 

So in her small “interview” during the “docucomedy,” Hikaru answered that Kep1er has eight members instead of nine, to which Youngeun and Yujin couldn’t hide their surprise.

| @KBS Kpop/YouTube 

But Hikaru immediately corrected herself, explaining that while she obviously knows the answer in Japanese, she gets confused about Korean numbers.

| @KBS Kpop/YouTube 

She further proves her point by showing that she counts on her fingers to get the correct answer in Korean.

| @KBS Kpop/YouTube 

And honestly, with two different number systems, counting in Korean can be difficult for anyone. And Hikaru will always have her supportive members to help her out.

You can watch the rest of the hilarious video here.