All Grown Up: The Little Girl From “Miracle In Cell No.7” Is Actually Kep1er’s Maknae Yeseo

Do you recognize her role?

Kep1er‘s Kang Yeseo has an impressive repertoire of K-Dramas under her belt. She was a child actress from 2010 to 2013 with the biggest film she starred in being the iconic Miracle in Cell No.7 (2013).

Kep1er’s Kang Yeseo

Yeseo played the role of Choi Ji Young, the rich young daughter of the chief police commissioner who heartbreakingly met her demise early in the movie. Her first encounter with the main character, Lee Yong Goo, was after she was given the last Sailor Moon bag on display—the same one he wanted for his own daughter.

The police commissioner caused a scene when he punched Lee Yong Goo after he kept insisting that it belonged to his own daughter. As for Ji Young herself, she was more sympathetic towards him. When she saw him the next day in the supermarket parking lot, she approached him and asked if he was able to buy the bag from another store.

Her iconic lines were, “Did you buy the bag? The bag, the bag. The Sailor Moon bag.”

Years later, this same little girl grew up to become a K-Pop idol! She first debuted in 2010 as part of the kid group CutieL before joining Busters in 2019 as their lead vocalist. She left the group a year later and participated in Girls Planet 999 as a K-GROUP contestant, ending the show at sixth place.

During the show, she showed off her talent in songs like “Crazy,” “Fiesta” “Utopia” and more.

She’s now the maknae of Kep1er. Though she’s only a 2005-liner, her singing, dancing, and stage presence have already been acknowledged.

She hasn’t forgotten her history as a child actress either as she even re-enacted her lines from Miracle in Cell No. 7 several times through the years. In the one-on-one introduction of the contestants prior to the airing of Girls Planet 999, for example, she brought along a yellow backpack to reference her role.

She did it again after Kep1er’s debut in a guesting on Muply.

Check out the full video below!

Source: Instagram