Kep1er’s Mashiro Shares Her Honest And True Feelings About The Group’s Unsure Future

Kep1er’s contracts are only 2.5 years long.

Before Boys Planet, there was Girls Planet 999, the survival program that formed the nine membered girl group, Kep1er.

Kep1er | @official_kep1er/Twitter

Much like other survival shows, like the Produce series or BOYS24, the winners of Girls Planet 999 are only in the group temporarily, with their contract set to expire in June 2024. Recently, Kep1er’s Mashiro expressed her thoughts and feelings about the group’s unsure future.

Kep1er’s Mashiro | @official_kep1er/Twitter

In the newest episode of Fearless Kura, Mashiro and Billlie‘s Tsuki joined LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura to attend the elder’s first Korean festival.  The three had a good time from the start, doing each other’s dance challenges before hopping into the day’s challenges — catching trout and picking strawberries.

After a fun time together, the three Japanese idols sat down to eat and chat, with Sakura beginning a conversation about why each of them debuted in Korea. Mashiro shared that after seeing the K-Drama Dream High, she was inspired to become an idol, while Sakura shared that she wanted to be a “real idol,” and shared that only having five members in a group makes it feel like a “real family.”

After Sakura shares that LE SSERAFIM desire to be a group for a long time, Mashiro mentions that her team will “only last for a limited time” but says that she’s happy right now, and that is all that matters.

My team will only last for a limited time. I’m not thinking about the future. As long as I’m happy now, that’s all that matters.  They feel like a family.

— Mashiro

She continues by saying that “all nine of us enjoy performing” and that she is not worried. Sakura, who made her Korean debut as a member of the temporary group IZ*ONE, shared her perspective, saying, “even if we’re apart, we will stay as friends for our memories.

Sakura is entirely correct in her statement, as the members of IZ*ONE often meet, and Choi Yena even appeared on episodes of Fearless Kura. 

Sakura and Choi Yena | Fearless Kura

It is nice to see that Mashiro is enjoying her time as a group member and is not worried about what are sure to be successful futures for all of the members of Kep1er! You can check out the full episode below.