Kep1er’s Yujin Wore A Normal Adult-Sized Face Mask And The Results Are Shocking Everyone

She is just too tiny!

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, face masks have become an absolute necessity all around the world, and K-Pop stars are no exception. As the K-Pop industry continues to make comeback with promotions and activities, all of our favorite stars have been captured wearing face masks to protect themselves from the virus.

One particular K-Pop idol, however, has started to go viral for her face mask ways—and it’s none other than CLC and Kep1er‘s Yujin.

Kep1er’s Yujin | CJ E&M

Like her fellow idols, the girl group member was photographed on her way to a promotional event wearing a normal, adult-sized disposable face mask. It didn’t take much for fans and netizens to realize, however, that the mask was way too big for Yujin’s small face!

While the Kep1er member wore the face mask correctly, it became clear to everyone around her that the mask was overwhelming Yujin’s tiny features. The mask completely enveloped her face while hanging loose around the sides and her ears.

Yujin wearing a face mask | WikiTree

But this is not the first time that she has struggled with this issue. She has previously been photographed wearing other face masks before, which all revealed the same outcome—they’re too big for her! You can see it here…

| WikiTree


| Ilgan Sports

…and here! And with the current surge in COVID-19 cases, her fans began to grow concerned for Yujin’s health.

Since her face masks are always too large for her face, large gaps are formed on the sides of the mask. This takes away the effectiveness of the face mask and its ability to protect the idol from the virus and other diseases.

So how did Yujin solve the problem and take away her fans’ concerns? She bought child-sized face masks! The stunning lady uploaded picture evidence onto her social media to show her fans that the problem had been fixed!

| WikiTree

I bought child-sized masks because Chesire’s (CLC fans) kept worrying about me.

— CLC and Kep1er’s Yujin

In related news, Yujin participated in Mnet‘s reality survival program Girls Planet 999 back in 2021 and competed with 99 other contestants to land a spot in the final 9-member girl group. She quickly became a fan favorite on the show, as she showed off her many talents and charms for the viewers. She ultimately made it into the final girl group lineup and made her second debut on January 3, 2022, with Kep1er.

Yujin competing on “Girls Planet 999” | Mnet

Her appearance on the program made instant headlines due to her former obligation as a CLC member. While there were no confirmed disbandment news of the Cube Entertainment girl group, Yujin shared in a Girls Planet 999 interview that the label informed her that “CLC will no longer be having group activities.”

CLC, Yujin (bottom left) | Cube Entertainment

While she may not be promoting with CLC for the time being, make sure to keep up with Yujin and her upcoming promotions with Kep1er. Check out Kep1er’s debut music video “WA DA DA” down below!

Source: WikiTree and Daum