Kep1er’s Yujin Goes From Waiting 1000+ Days For Her First Win With CLC To Just 10 Days With Kep1er

We’re proud of her both times!

Kep1er recently made headlines for bagging their first win only a few days after their debut.

The girl group made their debut with “WA DA DA” on January 3. On their second week of promotions, they were up against IVE‘s “ELEVEN” on Mcountdown, narrowly coming out on top with a score of 6,500 versus 6,046.

The members were moved to tears as they thanked their fans for their endless support.

It was particularly emotional for leader Yujin as it was the second time she debuted and the first time she won first place with her new group. Moreover, it took her just 10 days to get this achievement.

Yujin with Kep1er 

In comparison, her former group, CLC, took 1,434 days to win first place. They debuted on March 19, 2015 with “Pepe” and reached first on February 19, 2019 with “NO” on THE SHOW.

Yujin with CLC 

For Yujin, it was a difference of 1,424 days from then until now! One key difference was that Kep1er was formed on Mnet‘s survival program Girls Planet 999 and they debuted just 80 days after they recorded their final episode on October 22. Fans were eager to support their favorite contestants as they finally took center stage.

CLC’s first win (Top) and Kep1er’s first win (Bottom) | SBS &

Kep1ians noticed that Yujin had the same reactions in 2019 as she did in 2022—she was always grateful and emotional after receiving the award.

They also praised her for never giving up on her dream. They noted that she went from a K-Pop idol who took one of the longest times to win first place to one who was third among girl groups.

Yujin is now the leader of Kep1er. She previously mentioned in Girls Planet 999 that CLC “would not have any more activities” and she joined the show to be able to continue performing. Check out the full article below.

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