Kid Model’s Mom Caught Physically Abusing Her 3-Year-Old Daughter For “Not Posing Correctly”

“This isn’t child abuse.” — Mom

Niu Niu is a popular child model in China, who has received a lot of love for her adorable features. Although she’s only 3-years-old, she’s already featured on multiple photoshoots.


However, a dark side to the kid’s modeling industry was revealed when a bystander caught her mom kicking Niu Niu for not “posing correctly”. As Niu Niu had her back turned to grab something off the ground, her mom comes up to kick her in the butt.


Other videos were soon uploaded where Niu Niu showed fear when her mom reached close. It appeared she’s traumatized by her mom.


Another video showed Niu Niu crying as she had her back against the wall while her mom scolded her for not posing well.


Netizens from all over the world criticized the mom as the video went viral. They were enraged that the mom would be so harsh on a toddler who should be enjoying a playdate with her friends instead of being punished to work.


The mom soon took to her social media account to apologize for her behavior but emphasized that what she did was not child abuse.

“Thank you to the many people who’ve pointed out my wrong. [But] this isn’t child abuse. Please forgive me.

The day was getting darker and my daughter was running towards the street, so I reacted that way in a moment of stress. I love my daughter. I think all parents hit their child at least once. I only hit her like this once in a while. Niu Niu wasn’t hurt by this event.”

— Niu Niu’s Mom


Despite her mom’s attempt to explain what happened, many netizens are still concerned about Niu Niu’s safety.

Source: Dispatch and Donga
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