Kid Model From VIXX’s New “Scentist” MV Is More Fashionable And Classy Than You Are

This child model is so much cooler than you.

The kid model in VIXX‘s “Scentist” MV is going viral for his idol-like visuals and killer style!


Kim Juhoon is a 10-year-old child model who has worked with brands like H&M, Lipop, BoraBora and Lookbook.


He’s been modeling since he was young, and won Bambino‘s 2nd annual child model contest when he was six.


Last year he was chosen as one of four models for the children’s fashion brand Polham Kids.


In addition, Kim Juhoon appears in several fashion magazines and shopping mall promotions and has already got a massive fan base on social media, with more than 2,000 followers.


He can pull off any look, from formal to casual!


And he gives off a much older aura….


But, of course, he can also just be a kid!


He is featured in VIXX’s MV as a younger version of the boys at different points throughout the song.


Before his appearance in the MV, his experience on film was limited to this cute weather video posted to his instagram account in March.


Netizens are going crazy over his adult visuals and chic charm.

  • “He has such an aura!”
  • “He was born to model, right?”
  • “So cute!”
  • “Have you ever been a child actor? Why is your face so mature!?”
  • “No way…. he’s 10 and so cool…. no way….


He’s gaining a lot of attention for his charismatic gaze with his stunning double eyelids.

  • “You don’t even have to operate on this kid, right? He’s got the perfect shape.”
  • “He really is perfect.”
  • “Our country’s future is bright haha.”


It seems like Kim Juhoon’s career has only just begun!

Source: Dispatch, The Qoo and Insight