Kim Dong Wan Speaks up About Sulli’s Passing, Refers to “The Night of Hate Comments” as a Human Zoo

“I thought the show was like a human zoo.” – Kim Dong Wan

On an upcoming episode of KBS’s Street Feast, Shinhwa‘s Kim Dong Wan spoke up about Sulli‘s passing as well as his honest thoughts on the show, The Night of Hate Comments.

Kim Dong Wan expressed that he was devasted by the news and that he even reached out to Sulli in the past about seeking help.

It was clear that this friend was going through a very hard time and receiving a lot of criticism. I was worried about how she was handling it, so I even went through a friend to contact her. I told her to let me know if she needed someone to talk to, and that I’d introduce her to someone. But recently, I thought she was doing better and thought she’d be okay,.

– Kim Dong Wan

And regarding The Night of Hate Comments, which Sulli was on as a host up until her passing, Kim Dong Wan expressed how dissatisfied he was with the idea.

I also didn’t like the show she was on where she had to read her own hate comments. I feel like they got the idea from Hollywood stars reading their own hate comments on YouTube, but in our country, celebrities going on TV and using such vulgar language is not permitted.

– Kim Dong Wan

Kim Dong Wan then proceeded to criticize the show for its cruel nature and even compared it to a human zoo.

It’s cruel to get a person like her, make her face all the hurtful and miserable things she faced, and see how she reacts. I thought the show was like a human zoo. It’s as if people see celebrities as a product, not a person…

– Kim Dong Wan

At the time of Sulli’s passing, Kim Dong Wan shared a similar message regarding stars in pain.

There are countless adults in this world expecting young people who can’t eat or sleep properly to show bright and healthy smiles on the outside.

– Kim Dong Wan

Watch the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch