Kim Hee Won Says He Hit D.O. Even Harder in “Cart” Because of EXO Fans

They worked together on the 2014 film, “Cart”.

On a recent episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, actor Kim Hee Won talked about the time he hit EXO‘s D.O. in the film Cart, and the reason why he hit him even harder during the scene.

While talking about hitting scenes, Kim Hee Won looked back on the time he had to hit D.O. in his first film appearance in Cart.

He clarified that hitting D.O. was indeed in his script, but that he had to hit him harder because of the EXO fans that were at the scene.

Kim Hee Won shared that because of the fans’ shouting, they had to go through multiple takes.

There were many D.O. fans at the scene, and every time I hit D.O., they screamed, ‘No!’ So we kept having to redo the take.

– Kim Hee Won

Kim Hee Won even added that he told the fans to be quiet or they would have to keep filming the take.

If you keep screaming, we’ll have to keep redoing the take, meaning D.O. will keep getting hit.

– Kim Hee Won

And after seeing how serious D.O. was taking the scene, Kim Hee Won decided to hit him with everything he’s got so that D.O. could focus better on the scene.

I saw that D.O. was acting with a very serious attitude, so I wanted to help. I put all my strength into the hitting so that he could focus on his emotions.

– Kim Hee Won

The effort certainly paid off, and the film, which came out in 2014, was a big success in itself and as D.O.’s debut on the big screen.

Heechul added that D.O. was thankful to Kim Hee Won for taking his role seriously in his debut as an actor.

Source: Insight