Heechul Exposes What Kim Jong Kook’s Ex-Girlfriend Told Him About His Personality

Savage Heechul strikes again.

On a recent episode of SBS’s My Little Old Boy, Super Junior‘s Heechul exposed what he heard from Kim Jong Kook‘s ex-girlfriend.

After noticing Kim Jong Kook not using any wet wipes, Heechul commented on his spending habits.

If you’re that stingy, I wonder how impressive your wealth must be.

– Heechul

And in response, Kim Jong Kook explained why he wanted to save up for the future.

What’s for certain is that if you save, you accumulate a lot. I want to pass everything down to my wife and children once I get married.

– Kim Jong Kook

But as expected from Heechul, he exposed what he claimed he heard from Kim Jong Kook’s ex-girlfriend about his nature in the most savage way possible.

Are you going to get married? I heard about what happened 10 years ago when your ex-girlfriend dated you. She said you’re really picky. She even told me you wouldn’t let her drive because it’s too dangerous.

– Heechul

In response, Kim Jong Kook expressed his surprise and claimed that he’s a changed man now.

That’s when I was young. You’re talking about when I was in my 20s.

– Kim Jong Kook


Source: Dispatch

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