Here’s Where You Might Have Seen Kim Hyun Joo, The Badass Lawyer From “Hellbound” Before

Have you seen her before?

Kim Hyun Joo has recently been making waves in Netflix‘s new flick, Hellbound. The success of Hellbound was so immense that it hit #1 on global Netflix charts days within release. However, while we might now know her as the badass lawyer Min Hye Jin, did you know that her image did a 180 with the show? She was always known for refined characters before Hellbound. Here’s where you may have seen her before.

1. “Boys Over Flowers”

That’s right! Kim Hyun Joo starred in 2009 hit Boys Over Flowers as the gorgeous but tough older sister to Gu Jun Pyo.

This was one of her first spotlight roles that shot her to fame. She was loved for being the no nonsense, down to earth older sister that helped Geum Jan Di combat Gu Jun Pyo’s evil mother.

2. “The Reason For My Living”

Kim Hyun Joo’s debut work was in 1997. Let’s be honest, none of us were probably into K-Drama back then. But it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate her beauty now! She had a minor role as Lee Young Ae‘s rival in love. Kim Hyun Hoo looks exactly the same as she does now!

3. “Pretty Insun”

Back in 2002, Kim Hyun Joo touched the hearts of many viewers with her portrayal of a woman that was dealt a bad hand in life. Not only did her parents abandon her when she was a child, she accidentally killed someone in her teens and had to serve a sentence. However, she is now an upright woman that works hard.

4. “What Happens To My Family”

One of her first breakout roles that was served to an international audience, she plays a woman in her thirties, Kang Shim. As the eldest daughter in a middle class family, Kang Shim works as the personal secretary to a chaebol heir. She tries to keep herself and her family together. One day she falls in love.

5. “Watcher”

Starring opposite Seo Kang Joon, Kim Hyun Joo plays a prosecuter-turned-lawyer that got involved in a tragic accident. Although she survives, she tries to find out the truth behind it and ends up in the internal affairs department to solve the mystery.

Finally, in 2021, Kim Hyun Joo made her comeback with Hellbound. She made a complete transformation by chopping her long locks and losing weight to fit with the action role. This is one of her first few roles than challenges the stereotype she made for herself through her elegant looks. We love to see it! Be sure to catch Hellbound on Netflix to show your support.

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