Kim Jaejoong Sets The Record Straight About TVXQ’s Former 2nd-Gen “Rivalry”

He helped MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul solve her middle school fight. 😂

Veteran soloist Kim Jaejoong recently started a new variety program, JaeFriends, with a unique twist where Jaejoong is unaware of who will guest on the episode before they join him.

So far, Epik High‘s Tablo has appeared on the show, as well as 2nd-gen idols INFINITE‘s Sungjong and TEEN TOP‘s Niel. The most recent guest was TVXQ‘s superfan, 3rd-gen star MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul (left) and Kim Jaejoong (right) | 우하머그/YouTube

Moonbyul reflected that it had been almost ten years since her debut, surprising Jaejoong, who realized she was in elementary school when he made his own debut.

Despite what seemed like a significant age gap based on that fact, Jaejoong noted they were both in their 30s.

Moonbyul stated that she had once briefly crossed paths with Jaejoong during their schedules, but she had heard more about him from a stylist who works with her fellow member Hwasa and with Jaejoong.

The stylist, Mr. Okjae, shared a lot about the veteran artist with Moonbyul after she revealed herself to be a huge fan of TVXQ.

Moonbyul shared that when TVXQ released their song “Rising Sun,” it helped her decide to become a singer.

The MAMAMOO member took the opportunity to ask Jaejoong a question, as a former TVXQ member, and it was about the group’s early “rivalry” with fellow 2nd-gen group, SS501.

Moonbyul hilariously revealed that she and her middle school friend fought because Moonbyul didn’t consider SS501 to be TVXQ’s rival since the SM Entertainment group debuted first. Her friend instead claimed that TVXQ “copied” SS501, despite the fact that they debuted first.

Jaejoong cleared the air, solving Moonbyul’s middle school fight himself by stating that SS501 was a great group, but they weren’t TVXQ’s rivals.

Jaejoong clarified by revealing he was close with all of the SS501 members and had even trained with Youngsaeng at SM Entertainment.

He then jokingly wondered how Youngsaeng could be considered a rival when he didn’t debut with SM Entertainment, teasing his friend.

Moonbyul and Jaejoong’s fun rapport earned attention from netizens throughout the episode. Check out more in the article below!

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