Kim Ji Won Makes Commuters Sob With an Unexpected Announcement in a Seoul Subway

She compared COVID-19 to the evil characters in Korean dramas.

At a subway station in Seoul, tired commuters were waiting for their train back home when they heard an unexpected announcement.

The voice belonged to actress Kim Ji Won, and she had a few words to say to commuters who have been extra tired lately due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hello, everyone. This is actress, Kim Ji Won.

– Kim Ji Won

While most commuters were busy on their phones, a calm and comforting voice acknowledged the stress they must’ve been feeling.

You probably didn’t expect an announcement from me. All the flowers are blooming outside, but I don’t think spring has arrived yet inside our hearts.

– Kim Ji Won

In response, the commuters began to take out their earphones and listen to the announcement.

At times like this, I want to think of life as a drama. In dramas, the stronger the evil character gets, the more motivated the main character feels, ultimately making them win in the end.

– Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won compared the coronavirus to that evil character and offered the commuters some words of encouragement.

We might have run into an evil disturber called COVID-19, but let’s work a little harder so that we can reach the goals we originally set and do the things we originally dreamed of. After all, we’re the main characters of our own dramas.

– Kim Ji Won

The unexpected words of comfort are said to have made many Seoul commuters tear up.


In light of the massive spread of COVID-19, S.A.L.T Entertainment and MBC Radio began a campaign to provide citizens with a little more hope.

Actors including Park Shin Hye, Kim Ji Won, Kim Seon Ho, Kim Joo Heon, and Kim Jung Hwa have recently been delivering warm words of comfort in Seoul subways.

Messages like this are probably what many commuters needed in a time of fear and uncertainty that’s affecting people all over the world.

Source: Insight