Kim Jong Kook And Chae Yeon Discuss The Details Of Their Past “X-Man” Love Line

The story of a fanship that turned into an on-air love line.

Early K-Pop fans may remember SBS‘s X-Man, which used to be one of the biggest variety programs in South Korea back in the day. It featured the hottest “it” stars of the time, including idols, actors, models, and more.

And while the program constantly boasted amazing guest line-ups, what made the show even more enticing were the numerous different scripted “love-lines” that were featured throughout its 4-year course on air. Amongst the many different love-lines, however, Kim Jong Kook and solo artist Chae Yeon‘s may have been one of the most popular and now, decades later, the two finally discussed the truth behind their past relationship.

Chae Yeon (left), Kim Jong Kook (right) on “Running Man” | SBS

On a former episode of Channel A‘s Rewind, Kim Jong Kook and Chae Yeon both appeared on the same episode and naturally, their past X-Man stories came pouring out. It all started when Haha uttered the famous phrase that Kim Jong Kook said to Chae Yeon during their past X-Man “Of Course” game, “Jin Sook-ah (Chae Yeon’s birth name), have you been well?”

Haha: “Jin Sook-ah (Chae Yeon’s birth name), have you been well?” | Channel A

That one phrase brought back a wave of emotions for the two singers, as they began to reminisce on their past X-Man relationship.

Caption: “Shy, shy.”

It was here that Chae Yeon began to share the actual behind-the-scenes tale of the two’s destined meeting.

 The thing is, Kim Jong Kook-sshi and I filmed X-Man for two years, but we didn’t talk about it (our meeting) at all.

— Chae Yeon

The solo singer continued by confessing that she honestly didn’t think Kim Jong Kook would remember her.

Honestly, I’ll reveal it here, but I thought he didn’t remember me.

— Chae Yeon

She shared that every time they filmed for X-Man, she wanted to gather up the courage to speak to Kim Jong Kook, but that she got scared every time

This was when he wasn’t interacting with female stars. But I would always say, ‘oh today, I’ll go tell him that I’m Jin Sook,’ but then two weeks would pass by and I would go through the same process again and again.

— Chae Yeon

Haha chimed in with his jokester ways by sharing that Kim Jong Kook didn’t interact with female celebrities at the time because he was actually dating someone!

Yeah, it’s because he had a girlfriend then.

— Haha

And while the entire situation is funny, romantic, and wholesome, Kim Jong Kook took the time to explain why he purposely pretended like he didn’t know Chae Yeon, despite remembering her from the past.

I actually knew, but Chae Yeon-sshi became a famous celebrity. It didn’t seem right to bring it up. It seemed unnecessary so I purposely pretended like I didn’t remember her.

— Kim Jong Kook

The incident in question was discussed on a previous X-Man episode as well, but Kim Jong Kook and Chae Yeon had previously met when Chae Yeon was just a student. Before she debuted as a singer, she won an opportunity to record with her favorite artist at the time — Turbo. It was later revealed that Chae Yeon had been a longtime fan of not only Turbo, but more specifically member Kim Jong Kook.

Fast forward a few years later to when the two were reunited as fixed cast members of X-Man. After two years of filming the show together, Kim Jong Kook finally decided to share their behind-the-scenes story by uttering his famous phrase.

Kim Jong Kook on “X-Man:” “Jin Sook-ah, it’s been awhile.”

We will never get sick of this behind-the-scenes story. You can watch the full segment of Kim Jong Kook and Chae Yeon down below!

Source: theqoo