Kim Jong Kook Reveals On A Public Broadcast That He Doesn’t Wear Underwear

He wears something else instead!

Singer Kim Jong Kook revealed some hilarious information regarding his undergarment choices.

On the most recent episode of SBS‘s, The Ugly Duckling, Kim Jong Kook was joined by Lee Sang Min, actor Oh Min Suk and actor Lee Hoon for the show. The four stars were over at Lee Sang Min’s house and it was here that Oh Min Suk started to share random fortunes they should remember. Actor Oh Min Suk started off the conversation by revealing,

Still from “The Ugly Duckling” | SBS

For the new year, they say that those who are the year of the ox should wear white because it’ll bring in good fortunes.

They also said that you should never set your own birthday table. Instead of miyukgook (seaweed soup), you should have beef radish soup. It doesn’t matter who cooks for you, don’t eat it.

Tak Jae Hoon hyung, Jong Kook hyung, and I should stop meeting starting next year. It’s not good for us if we keep meeting.

— Oh Min Suk

The actor continued by sharing something about good vibes.

Still from “The Ugly Duckling” | SBS

They say that it’s ‘good luck’ if you either carry around or wear the underwear of someone who has good vibes. He has Daesang vibes.

— Oh Min Suk

It was to this that Lee Sang Min jokingly gestured to take off Kim Jong Kook’s underwear. Kim Jong Kook shocked his friends, however, by confessing he doesn’t wear underwear.

Still from “The Ugly Duckling” | SBS

You know what’s funny? I don’t ever wear underwear. I wear leggings instead.”

— Kim Jong Kook

What a hilarious group of people! You can check out the entire segment from The Ugly Duckling down below!

Source: WikiTree and Naver