Oh Min Suk Once Continuously Roasted Kim Jung Kook By Comparing His Age To The ATEEZ Members—His Reaction Is Hilarious

Oh Min Suk didn’t hold back 😂.

On an episode of My Little Old Boy, Kim Jong Kook along with Oh Min Suk met with ATEEZ and they couldn’t get over the huge age gap between them all. The stars met together due to their collaboration “Be My Lover” and the topic of age came up.

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Staring at the member of ATEEZ, Kim Jong Kook asked which was the oldest. When ATEEZ’s Seonghwa raised his hand and revealed that he was born in 1998, Oh Min Suk could not believe it and asked, “You’re the oldest in the group?!

When they found out that ATEEZ’s youngest member Jongho was born in 2000, Kim Jong Kook commented, “I’m older by 24 years. We’re both born in the year of the dragon.” Hilariously, Oh Min Suk turned to Kim Jong Kook and mentioned, “You’re old enough to be their dad.”

Of course, Kim Jong Kook was flustered by the comment. Since Kim Jong Kook was born in 1976, Yunho added to the fire and shared, “My parents were born in 1974.

Kim Jung Kook laughed at Yunho’s comment and mentioned how Yunho’s parents are only 2 years older than him. Oh Min Suk then made another funny comment and stated, “It’s like you’re filming a music video with your dad.” The members adorably tried to hide their laughter.

Check out the clip below: