Kim Jong Kook Was Spotted Suffering Severe Body Discomfort At A Live “Running Man” Event

He was unable to sit or get up without the help of his fellow “Running Man” members.

When the Running Man members attended their 9th annual fan meeting in Seoul, Korea, they appeared dressed in matching white and blue outfits. Following the initial introductions, the members got together on the carpet to take a photo together.

But during the process, Kim Jong Kook was spotted leaning on his co-member, Yang Se Chan in order to sit down, and ultimately falling on his bottom.

In response, Yang Se Chan supported him in surprise, and the other members looked on with worry.

Even when they tried to get back up after the photos, Kim Jong Kook needed help from his fellow members in order to stand up.

Fans who spotted this expressed worry that Kim Jong Kook’s disc injury might have returned.

Back when Kim Jong Kook was 20 years old, he enlisted as a public service worker rather than a military soldier due to his severe disc injury. He has often expressed how his back injury has led to his discomfort, even from the start of his Running Man journey in 2010.

In addition, Kim Jong Kook confessed on SBS’s My Little Old Boy that he began working out in order to heal his disc injury, but that that’s what led to his exercise addiction.

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