Kim Jong Kook May Be The Only Guy To Have Rejected TWICE – He Once Refused To Greet Them And Told Them To Leave

We can’t blame him though.

Kim Jong Kook once absolutely refused to greet TWICE and told people to shoo them away from his dressing room once, and for an absolutely unexpected and hilarious reason! As ONCEs know, the girls of TWICE often appear on Running Man, a variety show in which Kim Jong Kook is a regular cast member. This means that they would be on pretty friendly terms.

So when TWICE heard that Kim Jong Kook was at Inkigayo‘s backstage waiting areas, they did not hesitate to drop by and visit. Kim Jong Kook had agreed to help out his friend, gagman and variety personality, Yoon Se Yoon, on the show My Little Old Boy. The two were to perform a song on Inkigayo, but the catch was, the outfit concept was beggars.

So when he was decked out in his costume complete with dirt smeared on his face, it is understandable he would want to avoid seeing TWICE, given that they are the nation’s girl group after all!

TWICE had asked if it was okay to come visit the dressing room for a greeting, and Kim Jong Kook had hilariously responded to the request telling Yoon Se Yoon to shoo the girls away.

But of course, the girls can be quite persistent and they insisted on greeting him, much to his chagrin.

The looks on the girls’ faces were priceless! Momo and Jeongyeon looked absolutely stunned.

You can’t blame them! The Kim Jong Kook we know too is the one that is known for being cool and muscular. It seems that he resigned to his fate after a day of avoiding all his juniors at Inkigayo, as he sat at the cafeteria for a meal.

If you want to see how Kim Jong Kook manages to go around his day in the embarrassing outfit, you can watch the full clip from My Little Old Boy here below.

Source: theqoo