Kim Kang Hoon Proves He’s Still Just a Little Kid in an Adorable Acceptance Speech for Young Actor Award

Kim Kang Hoon’s speech was squeal-worthy.

The 2019 KBS Drama Awards recently took place where Kim Kang Hoon from When Camellia Blooms received the Young Actor Award for his outstanding performance.

Upon receiving the award, Kim Kang Hoon got up on the stage with a surprised look on his face.

While dressed in a patterned suit with a red tie, Kim Kang Hoon proceeded to thank his colleagues for the award.

I’m so nervous. Thank you to my director, writer, Hyo Jin Mom, Ha Neul Hyung, and Ji Seok Hyung.

– Kim Kang Hoon

He then reminded everyone of just how young he is by thanking his friends in his Grade 4 class.

Also, thank you to my friends in Grade 4, Class 1.

– Kim Kang Hoon

Kim Kang Hoon wrapped up his speech by thanking his family and saying goodbye to the audience in the cutest way possible.

Thank you to my little sibling and grandmother who are watching, and thank you to my mom and dad. I really had no idea I’d get this award. Yes, thank you. Goodbye…

– Kim Kang Hoon

Check out Kim Kang Hoon’s full speech below:

Source: Insight