Kim Kang Hoon of “When the Camellia Blooms” Claims His Girlfriend Looks Just like Red Velvet’s Irene

They’ve been dating for 220 days.

On the most recent episode of KBS’s Happy Together 4, Kim Kang Hoon, who recently starred in Netflix’s When the Camellia Blooms, talked about this girlfriend.

The child star confessed that he has a girlfriend who he has been dating for quite some time.

I have a girlfriend whom I’ve been dating for 220 days.

– Kim Kang Hoon

Furthermore, Kim Kang Hoon claimed that his girlfriend looks like Red Velvet‘s Irene, which drew particular interest.

He even confessed that he liked her in a one-sided crush for about a month before he asked her out, which warmed everybody’s hearts.

Although his girlfriend’s identity must remain anonymous, she must be quite the catch if Kim Kang Hoon compares her to the visual queen that is Irene!

Source: Dispatch

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