Kim Min Ah Claims Heechul Used to Party With 10 Women at a Time at Nightclubs

Heechul didn’t exactly deny her claim.

On a recent episode of KBS’s 20th Century Hit Song, Super Junior‘s Heechul and weathercaster, Kim Min Ah talked about nightclubs.


The conversation started when Heechul asked Kim Min Ah if she had ever been to nightclubs before.

Have you been to nightclubs before?

– Heechul



In response, Kim Min Ah confessed that she was quite the fan of night clubs when she was younger.

During the transition period between night clubs and clubs, I was a college student, and nightclubs really suited me better. I went to nightclubs pretty often.

– Kim Min Ah

But what fans didn’t expect was Kim Min Ah’s claim that she heard rumors of how Heechul used to party at nightclubs as well.

I heard that you’d sit in the middle of the room with 10 women next to you at nightclubs. In a wholesome way, of course.

– Kim Min Ah

And after looking slightly taken aback, Heechul offered a vague answer.

I’m more wholesome than you think. That’s why I’m sitting here without any controversies.

– Heechul

Some of the comments to the new revelation include “Gasp, Heechul used to go to nightclubs a lot?“, “I’ve never heard that before“, and “This might put him in some trouble“.


Knowing Heechul, he probably really did party in a wholesome way.

Besides, what happened in the past stays in the past, right?

Source: Dispatch

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