Actor Kim Min Joon Claims G-Dragon Crushed His Dreams Of Becoming The Brother-In-Law He Aspired To Be

What do you do when your little brother-in-law is GD?

Actor Kim Min Joon, who recently married G-Dragon‘s older sister, Dami Kwon, appeared on an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros and confessed to one of the “hardships” he endured after marriage.

Now that he’s G-Dragon’s big brother-in-law, Kim Min Joon confessed what he dreamed of doing once he had a younger brother-in-law.

He shared,

All I have is a big sister. So if my brother-in-law was younger and didn’t go to the military yet, I looked forward to taking care of him like a real big brother. Because I don’t have a little brother of my own.

– Kim Min Joon

And luckily, Kim Min Joon’s new brother-in-law, G-Dragon enlisted in the military later than usual, which meant he was serving while Kim Min Joon and Dami Kwon got married.

But despite Kim Min Joon’s hope, G-Dragon crushed his dreams of being the brother-in-law he aspired to be just by being his badass self.

I had a brother-in-law now, and he served in the military late. So he was serving while we got married. My dream was to go up to him with allowance once he came out on leave, and tell him, ‘Don’t tell your sister.’ But when I went to see him, I was conflicted. Even my friend asked me how much I was going to give him. I wasn’t sure if 100,000 won (~$84 USD) was enough.

– Kim Min Joon

Because his brother-in-law is the very wealthy GD, Kim Min Joon was uncertain just how much money was appropriate to give him as an allowance.

When asked if he had ever received money from G-Dragon, Kim Min Joon revealed that he has yet to take any money, but that he does enjoy some benefits of being G-Dragon’s brother-in-law.

When we moved to our newlywed home, I really wanted a desk for reading scripts. But my suddenly said, ‘Let’s take the one at my brother’s house.’ So we brought G-Dragon’s desk home when he wasn’t home. But when I thanked him later for the desk at a family gathering, he asked, ‘I gave you a desk?’

– Kim Min Joon

Being G-Dragon’s brother-in-law must come with its own set of challenges.

After all, he’s GD.

Check out the full confession below:

Source: Dispatch