Actress Kim Sae Ron’s Stunning Mother Makes Headlines For Her Youthful Visuals

Holy crap, they look like they could be sisters!

Actress Kim Sae Ron is making headlines for something a little different this time around — and it’s all because of her gorgeous mother.

Actress Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

The actress’s stunning mother has started to belatedly take over the nation’s headlines for her incredibly youthful visuals! Kim Sae Ron frequently posts photos of herself and her mom onto her Instagram account where every single time, her mother is mistaken as her older sister.

Kim Sae Ron (left) and her mother (right) | @ron_sae/Instagram

Kim Sae Ron’s mom was born in 1980, making her 41-years-old this year. And while she’s not old by any means, the actress’s mother has impressed netizens with her amazingly youthful visuals time and time again!

| @ron_sae/Instagram

Kim Sae Ron’s mom was previously a magazine model, which doesn’t come as any surprise due to her gorgeous visuals. We can totally see where the actress gets her looks from!

| WikiTree

After getting married and having Kim Sae Ron at 20-years-old, she quickly gave up her dreams of becoming an a celebrity to focus on raising her children. Her dreams came slightly true just a few years ago, when she previously made headlines for her youthful looks after appearing on Kang Ho Dong‘s Let’s Eat Dinner Together.

Wow, what a stunning mother-daughter duo! In related news, Kim Sae Ron recently confirmed her casting in the upcoming 2022 basketball film, Everyday We Are. The K-Movie will be based on the webcomic titled Gae Da Rae and the actress will be portraying the main character of Yeo Wool.

Source: WikiTree