Gugudan And I.O.I Have Been Showering Sejeong With Non-Stop Love And Support For Her New Album

Everyone has been sending her lots of love and support:

gugudan‘s Kim Sejeong recently released her first solo mini-album and everyone came out to show her a whole lot of love and support.

Image: TheQoo

Sejeong just released her mini-album Plant on March 17 and ever since, she’s been receiving lots of love not only from fans but from her fellow gugudan members and from her former I.O.I members too!

Right after releasing her new music, Hana, Mimi, Haebin, Nayoung, Soyee, and Mina all headed straight to Instagram to shower her with support. Haebin, Nayoung, Soyee, and Mina all shared a screenshot of them streaming songs from Sejeong’s album along with messages of support.

Mina later followed up her first post with a second showcasing her absolute favorite song from Sejeong’s mini-album!

Hana, meanwhile, posted a photo of her album cover art and wrote a simple and sweet, “Kim Sejeong is the best” caption…

As well as sending her lots of love for her first solo music show performance!

As for Mimi, she shared a screenshot of her streaming playlist and playfully wrote, “Is this the right way to stream?

But it isn’t just her fellow gugudan members who have been showing Sejeong non-stop love and support! Plenty of her former I.O.I members have been too! First, there was Kim Sohye who had nothing but love for Sejeong’s music. She wished Sejeong lots of luck and urged everyone to listen to her music!

Then there was Chungha who immediately headed over to Twitter to share her own Sejeong streaming party and share her personal favorite track on the mini-album!

Finally>< I really like Plant and personally, I really love ‘Skyline.’ Our Sejeong-ie, whose heart is as warm as her voice, is the best!! Thanks for singing.

Former PRISTIN member, Nayoung, couldn’t help but melt over the sweetness of Sejeong’s voice…

While Weki Meki‘s Yoojung and Doyeon showered Sejeong with lots, and lots, and lots of love! Yoojung, in particular, was extremely excited about the new album and dropped a whole series of Instagram stories counting down the time until the album released before finally capturing the moment when she could begin her streaming fest!

Then she shared that she had bought a physical copy of the album as well and cutely asked Sejeong if she would sign the album for her!

Finally, Doyeon came with an extra sweet message letting Sejeong know that she is always supporting her!

So sweet!