Kim Sejeong Accidentally Confesses Her Love for Taeyeon in a Recent Live Stream

Sejeong showed the most honest reaction to Taeyeon’s name.

Kim Sejeong recently held a live broadcast while eating McDonalds and gummies, and accidentally confessed her love for Taeyeon.

Kim Sejeong was talking about who she would like to collaborate with when a fan mentioned Taeyeon’s name.

As soon as Kim Sejeong saw this, she exclaimed, “Taeyeon Unnie!” before correcting herself in shock.

Did I just say “Taeyeon Unnie?” What did I just say?

– Kim Sejeong

She then changed “Taeyeon Unnie” to “Taeyeon Sunbaenim” and expressed just how much she looks up to Taeyeon.

I can’t collaborate with Taeyeon Sunbaenim… I should go to see her perform though.

– Kim Sejeong

This wasn’t the first time Kim Sejeong showed her admiration for Taeyeon. On a past episode of Onstyle’s Get It Beauty 2017, Kim Sejeong picked IU as well as Taeyeon as her role models.

Kim Sejeong might think she’s not worthy, but fans would probably love to see her collaborate with the queen, Taeyeon!

It doesn’t hurt to dream!

Source: Dispatch