A 50-Year-Old Pageant Queen-Turned-Actress Looks Like She’s Decades Younger

She’s only grown more beautiful!

Aging is a part of life that many search for ways to avoid. This avoidance of aging has led to a fascination with those who seem to defy nature and remain looking young and youthful.

For example, 41-year-old actor Jang Seung Jo has left many in awe of his unchanging visuals throughout the years.

The 41-Year-Old Actor Who Could Pass For A 20-Year-Old Idol

Another actor also has managed to look decades younger than she really is, leaving netizens in awe of her beauty.

Actress Kim Seo Hyung originally got her start in entertainment when she competed in the Miss Gangwon Pagent, where she won in the Miss Samsung category.

Kim Seo Hyung

Two years later, she would debut in Tomorrow’s Love and continue to play primarily supporting roles until the drama that many know her for, Temptation of Wife. Kim Seo Hyung played the villainous mistress, Shin Ae Ri, in a performance earning her the Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama at the 2009 SBS Drama Awards.


Since then, the actress has continued to appear in dramas and movies, earning international acclaim for her performance in the film Late Spring and praise for her role in the popular series Sky Castle. 

Kim Seo Hyung in Late Spring. | M-Line

As of late, the actress’ visuals have captured attention!

Looking at her Instagram feed, one would never guess the actress is in her 50s.

Her recent GQ Korea photoshoot only highlighted her age-defying looks, as the star tried out styles that many would assume someone like a college student would wear.

| GQ Korea
| GQ Korea
| GQ Korea
| GQ Korea

Kim Seo Hyung is also extremely fit and has left us envious of amazing body!

| GQ Korea
| GQ Korea

The actress only seems to get more beautiful as she ages!

While appearing at the 59th Grand Bell Awards, the actress tried out the “no bra” fashion trend, which you can read more about below.

Legendary 50-Year-Old Actress Joins The “No Bra” Fashion Trend In A Sexy, Form-Fitting Little Black Dress