Kim Shin Young Sheds Tears as She Pays Tribute to Goo Hara on Her Radio Show

Kim Shin Young had a difficult time carrying on the show.

Following the news of Goo Hara‘s passing, Kim Shin Young opened her radio show with a tribute to the late star.

Kim Shin Young started off the show by referring to the day as a very cold day and immediately remembering Goo Hara.

Even with the smallest things, if you put in sincerity, the world can change. Today is a very cold day. Both my body and heart are cold. I’ve worked on radio for 7 years… but today is not an easy day. I have to do this radio show, but it’s a shame that this is live. I know I have to be a good DJ, but…

– Kim Shin Young

Kim Shin Young trailed off before having a moment of silence, and shortly afterward, she burst into tears.

And at the end of the show, Kim Shin Young asked everyone to pray for the late star and promised not to cry after that day.

The last song contains the feelings of my heart. Don’t comfort me, don’t cheer me on, and just pray more for Goo Hara. In hopes that she goes to a happy place, I will play “Happy Land”. I promise I won’t cry after today.

– Kim Shin Young

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Source: Insight
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