Kim So Eun Explains Why She Could Never Have Feelings for Kang Ha Neul

They were college classmates and have known each other for ages!

Actress Kim So Eun and Sung Hoon of the upcoming film, Are We In Love? recently appeared on SBS Radio’s Kim Young Chul’s Power FM.

Aside from various topics, Kim So Eun was asked about her friend and college classmate, Kang Ha Neul.

She explained that since they each other since she was 20 years old and they worked together before, they’re still friends to this day.

We’ve worked together and we’ve known each other since I was 20, so we’re still close friends.

– Kim So Eun

When asked about what Kang Ha Neul was like back in college, she confirmed that he was an amazing person.

From what I remember, he was very good-natured, took good care of his friends, and he approached me first because I was the shy type.

– Kim So Eun

But she also added that since that fact has been confirmed by so many, she feels cringy complimenting him.

But even if I don’t say this stuff, there are so many moving stories about him. So I don’t want to say anything. What’s the point? It makes me feel all cringy.

– Kim So Eun

She then went on to clarify that they’re actual friends and explained why she can’t have feelings for Kang Ha Neul.

We’re actual friends. I can never have feelings for him because family can’t become lovers.

– Kim So Eun

Well, there you have it!


Fans might be a little sad to hear it, but you’ve gotta appreciate the honesty!

Source: Dispatch