Kim Soo Hyun Showed His Support To His Friend And Former Co-Star IU — And It’s Totally Expected

It’s how celebrities show their support to their friends, so Kim Soo Hyun did it too.

The tandem of Korean celebrities Kim Soo Hyun and IU is already well-known in the entertainment scene.

After all, they both starred in several dramas and played the roles of Pil Sook and Sam Dong in the hit drama Dream High and they were also known as Cindy and Seung Chan in The Producers.

Kim Soo Hyun had also appeared a music video which IU sang and starred in, such as her music video for her song “Ending Scene”.

And finally, viewers of the popular drama Hotel de Luna were also pleasantly surprised to see that Soo Hyun had a cameo.

And he even personally went to the filming set to surprise IU and her co-star Yeo Jin Goo!

And his support to his friend IU didn’t just stop there. Just recently, Soo Hyun sent another coffee truck to IU’s set for the filming of the movie Dream starring IU and Park Seo Joon.

In the banner, he left a sweet message that read “Director Lee Byung Hyun x Park Seo Joon x Lee Ji Eun x Lee Hyun Woo movie <Dream> fighting!”

Soo Hyun also revealed his witty side by putting this caption in one of the coffee truck’s banners:

“Although melo is your nature, it is okay to challenge the World Cup.”

This caption referred to one of Director Lee Byung Hyun’s projects Be Melodramatic and the movie Dream‘s plot which is about a professional soccer player who is forced to become the coach of a team made up of inexperienced players after he was placed on disciplinary probation.

It’s definitely adorable that Kim Soo Hyun always makes sure to show his support to his friend IU.

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