Netizens Prove Kim Soo Hyun And Seo Ye Ji Look So Alike They Could Be Siblings

It’s unreal.

Remember that famous half-and-half shot of EXO‘s Suho and Red Velvet‘s Irene that had been making rounds on online communities for looking so alike?

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Well, it seems like netizens have done it again, finding the likeness between the actors from hit drama, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay! They have combined Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji‘s faces to realize that they look absolutely alike.

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Netizens claim it would’ve matched up perfectly if Seo Ye Ji had gone for lighter eye makeup or if Kim Soo Hyun had brushed on some eyeliner. What’s uncanny is that the two look fairly different when they’re apart, but their similarities in facial features are brought out when placed side by side. Doesn’t this photo look just like Kim Soo Hyun alone?

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Netizens acknowledged the two’s superior looks that look as if they could be siblings! A little disconcerting as they were one of TV’s hottest couples in their drama.

While Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun has been named as the newest discovery, past celebrities that have been said to look like each other include Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon and Red Velvet’s Irene, H.O.T‘s Kangta and SUPER JUNIOR‘s Siwon. What other celebrity lookalikes can you think of?

Source: theqoo