Actress Kim So Yeon Is A Total Cutie In Front Of Fans, Unlike Her “Penthouse” Character

The video will give you whiplash.

Actress Kim So Yeon might be a total badass on her hit drama, Penthouse, but in real life, she’s a total cutie! Viewers will be used to her looking like this as her role as Cheon Seo Jin, the uber-scary matriarch that leads her daughter Eun Byeol…

But in real life, Kim So Yeon is a total sweetheart. During a long filming session, she came out to greet fans who had been waiting. Upon seeing them waiting in the cold of winter, she immediately came forward to shake their hands.

She explained that she had come out especially to see the fans as she knew they would be waiting despite the weather. She quickly told them not to come if it was cold out. Her adorable little body shake was everything!

Catch the short but heart-warming clip below.