Actress Kim So Yeon Is Entirely Different From Her “Penthouse” Character – She Once Apologized To The Reporter Who Wrote Her Dating News

She’s so different from Cheon Seo Jin!

Actress Kim So Yeon is sweeping the nation with her acting for the character of Cheon Seo Jin in Penthouse. Although she acts as the manipulative, ambitious and evil lady of the manor, the actress is in fact known for being extremely kind.


Back in 2016, it was first released that Kim So Yeon was dating her now-husband, Lee Sang Woo. However, as she was about to appear on Masked Singer, she requested for the reporter who wanted to break the news, to postpone the article for just one day.


The reporter kindly agreed, but received a shock when a different reporter decided to drop the bomb. Kim So Yeon felt so sorry towards the reporter that she apologized for causing them to miss the exclusive. Instead, she gave them a 10 minute long interview instead on the spot.

However, as she was short on time, she forgoed the finishing touches to her makeup in order to give the interview. This resulted in her taking the stage on Masked Singer with her makeup only half done.

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What a kind celebrity! Penthouse is doing extremely well, with the highest drama ratings of the year so far.

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