This “Sweet Home” Actor Is Receiving All The Love From Various Actresses Including Krystal And Kim Go Eun

He has the sweetest besties!

Kim Sung Cheol may be a rising rookie, but he’s already receiving much love from his colleagues. Not only is he well-received by fans for his role in Sweet Home, but he also has been showing off his close friendships with a variety of female actresses.

1. Kim Yong Ji

Kim Yong Ji consistently comments on his Instagram posts. Best known for her role as the Russian fox in Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Kim Yong Ji commented, “When do you come out?” when Kim Sung Cheol posted a behind-the-scenes look at Sweet Home.

2. Krystal

A surprising friendship, Krystal once commented, “What are you doing?” on a hilarious photograph of Kim Sung Cheol attempting a cool pose.

3. Park Jin Joo

Park Jin Joo, known for her role as the assistant in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, is also close with Kim Sung Cheol. She commented, “Cool guy“, on his OOTD picture.

4. Kim Go Eun

Perhaps his most ardent supporter, Kim Go Eun never fails to comment on his Instagram posts. From calling him a prince with “Prince…congratulations“…

… to praising his posing skills with “oh, your form looks kinda cool“.

She also keeps things comedic by asking if he was stretching his shoulder in this shot…

…to calling him cool with some droll.

We’d definitely love to be in Kim Sung Cheol’s shoes! Who wouldn’t love having a bunch of pretty and supportive besties?

Source: theqoo