Actress Kim Tae Ri Plays A High Schooler In “Twenty Five, Twenty One” But She Always Goes Viral For Her Luxurious Vibes In Real Life

Her duality is insane.

Actress Kim Tae Ri is currently beloved by many for her role as Na Hee Do on Twenty Five, Twenty One. Although she plays a high schooler, she is actually turning 32 in April 2022. Can you believe it?

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While her babyfaced features shine with little to no make-up and the right hairstyle, the actress was actually well known for her luxurious image prior to the drama. YouTubers even began analyzing her features to explain why she looked so luxurious.

“The facial characteristics of people with luxurious vibes? Ft. Jennie, Song Hye Kyo and Kim Tae Ri” | YouTube

Sure enough, she was bagging many commercials for luxurious brands prior to her role in Twenty Five, Twenty One.

With long hair, she looks pure and elegant…

…but short hair and a black turtleneck transforms her to a chic lady.

Can you believe she’s the same person who plays Na Hee Do?

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Her vibes are insane.

One of the features that make her look luxurious is her thick head of hair…

…as well as an angled jaw.

Her eyes shine like the stars…

…and her smile is like sunshine.

It’s no wonder that she was dominating the female-targeted advertisement industry.

We’re in love!

She even manages to look chic off-duty at the airport.

We’d love to see her in more mature and elegant roles! In the meantime, catch her as the spunky and lovable Na Hee Do in tvN‘s Twenty Five, Twenty One!

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