The Daily Visuals of This Rookie Actor Is Flipping the Internet Upside Down

Brace your hearts for this one.

Rookie actor, Kim Do Wan is currently taking over social media with his incredible visuals while flaunting “boyfriend-style” daily looks.

Kim Do Wan debuted as an actor with the 2017 web drama, Seventeen, and he received even more love through his role in JTBC drama, At Eighteen.

But in addition to that, Kim Do Wan has been frequently updating his fans on his daily life through photos on his official Instagram account.

And the visuals he shows off in the photos are unreal.


Not only does he look handsome, but his proportions made him look crazy tall as if he’s actually a model.

Seeing one photo of him after another is bound to put anyone in a trance and capture their hearts as a whole.

Check out some more photos of Kim So Wan’s “boyfriend” daily look below:

Source: Dispatch
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