Kim Woo Bin’s Personal Trainer of 10 Years Describes the Actor’s Journey From “Lanky” to “Buff”

He wasn’t always a “shoulder thug”.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Problem Child in House, celebrity trainer, Yang Chi Seung picked actor, Kim Woo Bin as his all-time favorite pupil.

Yang Chi Seung described when they first met 10 years back, and what he looked like at the time.

I’ve worked with Kim Woo Bin for 10 years ever since he first came to Seoul to become a model. At first, Kim Woo Bin was really tall with really narrow shoulders, but his body improved over time.

– Yang Chi Seung

According to the celebrity trainer, Kim Woo Bin was originally a lanky guy who had a thin frame.

But as a result of his hard training, he’s now known for his very broad shoulders and buff physique.

Yang Chi Seung praised Kim Woo Bin for having a proactive attitude at the gym.

Kim Woo Bin has really good manners, and if we have to work with 10-kilogram weights that day, he brings it over first. Other people usually just stand there, so I really like his proactive attitude.

– Yang Chi Seung

He also added that they’re very close friends to this day.

I got a text from Woobin just a few days ago.

– Yang Chi Seung

Seeing from Kim Woo Bin’s before and after photos, Yang Chi Seung really helped Kim Woo Bin to become the “shoulder thug” that he’s known as today!

He looks so good with those shoulders…

That most people probably thought he was just born with them.

Who would’ve guessed?

Source: Insight