Former Stray Kids Member Kim Woojin Teases First Fan Meeting Along With Special Track

He gave quite a few spoilers. “Although nothing’s set in stone yet…”

Following his sudden departure from Stray Kids that took everyone by surprise, Kim Woojin later updated everyone through an Instagram page he created to communicate with fans. He revealed what he’d been up to and teased some future projects in his first live.

In a recent clip uploaded by STAR K, Woojin revealed some new information that fans can look forward to.

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When asked about any future plans, Woojin announced that there was something special in the works, something where fans would be able to meet him in person once more. “Although nothing’s set in stone, I’ll be having my first fan meet soon.”

In order to make that happen, Woojin revealed that he’s doing his best to improve, “I’m working hard to show fans more of me in the future.” To give fans a little taste, he revealed a bit of what he’s planned for the fan meeting.

Since he’s spent time perfecting his skills and vocals, he’s finally ready to show how much he’s improved, “I’m preparing a number of songs of different genres. I hope everyone’s looking forward to it.” He also spilled about a particular song that he’ll be performing.

When answering if he has any songs he’s already produced, Woojin was proud to share, “I actually do have a song I’ve written. It’s going to be my closing number for my fan meet.”

Since it’s been nearly half a year without fans hearing Woojin’s beautiful vocals, they’ll soon be rewarded with a song that’s worth the wait.

Watch Woojin talk about what he has in store for those who have been patiently waiting for his return.