Kim Wooseok Discusses His Acting And Solo Career

His solo career seems like it will be full of variety!

Today UP10TION’s Kim Wooseok held an online media showcase to celebrate the release of his second solo album, 2ND DESIRE [TASTY]. There he discussed many different topics on his solo career activities.

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He began by talking about his album’s production.

I put in a lot of effort to unify the album’s overall atmosphere. There’s a lineup planned for the third one [in the DESIRE series] too, to a certain extent.

—Kim Wooseok

He heavily participated in the writing and composition of many of his new songs. When asked about having any difficulties writing, he said that he often gets inspiration from his fans.


Wooseok dyed his hair pink for this comeback, a color he has never tried before. He was anxious about the outcome. “After I did it, I thought it suited me. It’s the first time since my debut that I’ve tried this hair color, but it’s great because a lot of fans are happy with it.

Wooseok has also been quite active in his career in acting and variety shows. He made his acting debut last Summer in the K-Drama Twenty-Twenty. It tells the stories of 20-year-olds who work to find their dreams and love as they experience realistic problems that many face as they just became adults. Kim Wooseok plays Lee Hyun Jin. He shared that he would love to participate in many other dramas whenever he has the chance.

I want to portray a character who has a different personality than me. Although, the ‘me’ that I think of is different from the ‘me’ that other people see. I also want to try playing someone who’s lively and jokes around a lot. The things I learn from variety shows and the things I learn from acting are different. I’m so grateful that I can participate in various fields.

—Kim Wooseok

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He has often been found appearing on shows featuring entertainer Lee Kyung Kyu. So, Wooseok has become known as “Lee Kyung Kyu’s pick.” He responded to this by saying just how grateful he was to be on the shows that Kyung Kyu is in.

It was a lot of fun and such a good learning experience. I think the reason he invites me so often is that I’m honest. [Lee Kyung Kyu] jokingly said, ‘He’s fun because he’s quiet,’ but off camera he said that it’s because I’m honest, commendable, and good looking. It made me proud and want to work hard to continue to show a good version of myself on variety shows.

—Kim Wooseok

The interview concluded once he was asked what he would like to achieve this comeback. He said that he hopes to be seen by the public as an artist with many talents. He shared, “I hope people will say, ‘Oh, so he makes this kind of music too.’

Source: X Sports News and Sports Donga


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