Olympic Volleyball Player Kim Yeon Koung Expresses Her Appreciation For BTS Cheering Their Team On

“Yeon Koung Kim!”

Official volleyball player Kim Yeon Koung is making quite a splash. She has been rising in popularity due to her girl crush image and brilliant performance in leading the national team in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Even BTS has been cheering her on!

The news of BTS mentioning the team during their official online fan meeting reached Kim Yeon Koung through her team mates. One of the national volleyball players, Kim Su Ji, is a known army. When she heard Kim Yeon Koung being mentioned, she quickly uploaded the news on the group chat for the team.

  • Kim Su Ji: “(BTS) all watched it together.”
  • Bae Yoo Na: “Unnies have gotten so famous.”
  • Kim Su Ji: “But I guess they would’ve seen (me) in between too if they watched it right?”
  • Bae Yoo Na: “Of course, unnie! You were in the court too! The Tannies would’ve cheered you on a lot! I’m envious!”
  • Kim Su Ji: “I’m so happy.”

Kim Su Ji posted a clip of the boys claiming they had all watched the match together, and Kim Yeon Koung reposted it with the caption, “ARMY“.

Kim Yeon Koung has since gone on an RT-ing spree as a form of shouting out BTS for their support. Here’s one of the tweets she RT-ed with RM mentioning her name.

Unfortunately, this may be Kim Yeon Koung’s last match as she will be retiring. Although she previously announced her retirement, the amazing athlete is currently reconsidering. Best of luck to her future endeavors!

Source: Pann