Kim Yohan Reveals Why He Was Disappointed With His Debut Performance With X1

Yohan’s determination is to be admired!

Kim Yohan recently guested on MBC‘s Radio Star, and he shared that he was disappointed with his debut performance with X1.

Kim Yohan shared that when X1 was filming their debut performance for a music show, he ended up severely hurting his ankle.

Despite Kim Yohan telling his members that he would continue, he ended up going to the hospital, as he couldn’t even stand up properly.

Despite his severe injury, Kim Yohan returned to the music show to continue filming after taking some painkillers at the hospital. The other X1 members ended up telling Kim Yohan that he shouldn’t perform, as he would have later opportunities.

However, Kim Yohan wanted to perform, as it was X1’s first performance on a music show, and he wanted fans to see the whole group perform.

Kim Yohan ended up performing that day, but the group had to stop after each take, and he couldn’t help but feel sorry to his fellow members.

Here’s the full video below!