“The King: Eternal Monarch” Actress Jung Eun Chae Reported To Have Been In An Extramarital Affair With Vocalist Jung Joon Il

The two parties now disagree on whether the actress knew about the vocalist’s marital status.

With the premiere of the highly anticipated new K-Drama The King: Eternal Monarch…

… a certain scandal around the cast actress Jung Eun Chae has resurfaced to spark the netizens’ interest.

Jung Eun Chae in “The King: Eternal Monarch”

The Korean press Wikitree reported that Jung Eun Chae had previously been romantically involved in an extramarital affair with the vocalist Jung Joon Il, who is beloved for his K-Drama soundtracks like “The First Snow” for the Guardian: The Lonely and Great God series — and “contributed” to his divorce with his ex-wife “A”.

Vocalist Jung Joon Il

In a 2012 exposé that followed the divorce, A revealed that she and Jung Joon Il met in 2006 and began dating. Between late 2009 to mid 2010, A found out that Jung Joon Il had been seeing another woman, Jung Eun Chae, outside their relationship. Only after he promised to never cheat on her again, A got married to him in 2011.

Unfortunately, according to A, Jung Joon Il couldn’t stop seeing Jung Eun Chae even after he tied the knot with A. He “never apologized” but instead eventually asked for a divorce — and his “shamelessness” led A to drop the full story online, on his fan page.

And when the full story did drop online, it shocked the nation. For one, no one had known that Jung Joon Il was ever married. He kept his marital status completely secret from the press and the fans. In fact, his fans only guessed that he may be dating Jung Eun Chae because she was frequently spotted at his concerts. None of them ever imagined him to have a wife.

At the time of the exposé, Jung Eun Chae insisted that she didn’t know about Jung Joon Il’s secret either. She did not face any harsh criticism because netizens believed she “got tricked into dating a married man” as well.

Once the decade-old adulterous scandal of the two Jungs resurfaced, however, Jung Joon Il’s agency MYMusic Entertainment claimed in an interview with Wikitree on April 17, 2020 that “Jung Eun Chae definitely knew about Jung Joon Il being married.”

Jung Eun Chae definitely knew about Jung Joon Il being married at the time she was romantically involved with him. It makes no sense that she didn’t know about his wife. Right now, it sounds like Jung Joon Il intentionally hid his marital status and tricked Jung Eun Chae into the relationship. This is not true at all but he is being ruthlessly criticized.

— MYMusic Entertainment

Meanwhile, Jung Eun Chae’s agency KEYEAST is yet to respond to the growing confusion.

Source: Wikitree (1) and (2) and THEQOO