Here’s Where Else You Might Have Seen The Dreamy Steward From “King The Land” Kim Jae Won

He’s been in many web dramas.

Fresh face Kim Jae Won has been stealing hearts as the adorable steward in King The Land. As his gentlemanly ways slowly warm his sunbae, Oh Pyeong Hwa, he has also managed to charm viewers. He’s got us wondering where else we can catch a glimpse of his dreamy face. Here’s where you might have seen him before!

1. “Dream Maker”

He starred as the male lead in web drama Dream Maker. About a girl who can see the dreams of her schoolmates, Kim Jae Won plays the classmate who catches her red handed. Together, they start a new game. Catch it below.

2. “Fall For You”

He starred opposite girl group member Ooh!Ah’s Nana as Je Soo Oh, the aloof king of the school. He slowly falls for Je Bi’s bumbling charms.

3. “Our Blues”

Did you know that he was also in Our Blues? He played the high school version of Choi Han Soo. Jung Eun Hee fell for Choi Han Soo during their high school days due to his stoic but heroic nature. They later reunite in their middle-aged days.

4. “Hierarchy”

An upcoming K-Drama starring Noh Jeong Eui, Lee Chae Min, and Kim Jae Won, this is the new teen flick to watch. It is about a school that has gathered the top 0.01% of students. Here, love and jealousy unfolds.

We can’t wait to see him in more works!

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