Homeless Man Exposes The Prejudice And Harsh Treatment Of Homeless People In Korea

He wanted to change the negative mindset towards homeless people.

Like many countries, Korea faces a homelessness problem. Providing insight into the issue, a reporter at Asian Boss interviewed a homeless man who exposed the prejudices held against them by average citizens and the terrible treatment they receive from them.

Homeless men near a station in Korea.

Kind enough to share his experiences, a homeless man named Seong Weon Sang shared his wish to change the average Korean person’s view of homeless people being “bad people.

Although he wanted others to show compassion to homeless people, Seong Weon Sang revealed that reality was far from accepting.

I hope they can change that kind of mindset towards us. We all have our own circumstances, don’t we?

— Seong Weon Sang

Seong Weon Sang shared one of the comments homeless people often hear. He said, “They say we smell if our clothes are a bit dirty.” Unfortunately, they’re met with the same negativity when attempting to correct the issue.

Even when homeless people earn enough money to purchase clean clothes, they’re prevented from doing so. Seong Weon Sang revealed, “Also when we go to clothing stores and restaurants, they will not sell us anything even if we have money.

Despite homeless people showing the money they’ll pay with beforehand, they’re still not given access to clean clothes. Seong Weon Sang emphasized how inhumanely average Korean citizens treat them.

Even if we show them the money, they tell us no. They don’t think of us homeless people as people.

— Seong Weon Sang

The reporter asked how he felt about being treated that way. Seong Weon Sang was just as heartbroken as anyone would be. He admitted, “I feel awful. Awful, incredibly awful.

Like Seong Weon Sang called attention to, being homeless shouldn’t determine how someone is treated. Everyone is a human being who deserves to be treated kindly and allowed access to resources.

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